Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge


There are many options to pick from when coming to Alaska, so why choose Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge? To help in your decision we would like to list 10 reasons to come to Whale Pass and experience a great Alaska trip with us.

1-Multiple Species – There are very few locations in Alaska where you can truly catch all 5 species of salmon, steelhead, cutthroat and rainbow trout, dolly varden, halibut, cod, and rockfish while enjoying abundant varieties of marine and wildlife, all from one location. We are one of those rare lodges!

2-Multiple Options of Fishing Styles – There is no better place to fish in Alaska if you like options. Whether you like to fish freshwater or saltwater, spin casting or fly fishing, trolling, and mooching in the salt water or do all of the above in the same day, you get to pick at Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge!

3-Multiple Locations to Fish – There are multiple uncrowded streams, lakes, bays, and halibut holes within easy reach of our lodge for you to enjoy a day of fishing while surrounded by spectacular scenery.

4-Multiple Things to Do – We think when you come to Alaska you should enjoy the total experience that Alaska has to offer. When you are ready for a break from catching your limit of fish, take a tour of a cave, hike on an old growth rain forest trail, view one of many waterfalls and other sights, catch a mess of crab, go beach combing, explore the bay, pick berries, or just sit back and relax on the deck and watch the eagles.

5-Fish Protected Waters – Not only are we located in the protected waters of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage, but our bay here at Whale Pass is also sheltered from the effects of the weather by the location of Thorne Island at the entrance to the bay. You will never miss a day of fishing due to bad water conditions or worry about getting seasick.

6-Fish Where the Salmon are Going To – The Neck Lake Outlet silver salmon run comes to us, and the fish gather in schools to make their run up the stream literally right at our lodge front door. No need to go out trolling looking for silvers, they come to you! We catch silvers on light tackle right in front of our lodge beginning in mid-June.

7-Fishing & Hunting Self-Guided is Easy – Whether you are an experienced outdoors person or not, you can go self-guided at our lodge and have a fantastic experience. Our area lends itself to be an easy spot to go self-guided and save money. If you want to go guided fishing for a day or the whole time you have that option also.

8-Quality Equipment – Our skiffs, boats, vehicles, and equipment are maintained in excellent condition and ready for your use. We even have a fully equipped 21 ft. covered boat available for you to use for self-guided saltwater fishing.

9-Quality Accommodations – In our newly constructed lodge, you will enjoy a high-quality private room and pleasant surroundings while experiencing great family style meals that may send you home weighing a few more pounds.

10-Quality Hosts – We have traveled much of Alaska and fished and hunted Prince of Wales for years. We know what a quality trip should be like. Our goal is to make sure that whether it is your first visit to Alaska or one of many trips, that it is a trip of a lifetime!

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