2016 Fishing Updates

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Throughout our 2016 season we will give fishing updates here periodically. Be sure to check back for our most recent update!

July 16 – As another week winds down, we figured we better give you all a fishing update on the season so far. The Coho run has been slower than usual, probably due in part to our lack of rain. It has been slowly getting better, with a bunch seen North of us headed our way. With some rain in the forecast for next week the Coho fishing should continue to get better. The Sockeye have also shown up in Red Creek. Some of our guests went to try it out the other day and they all limited out. And the halibut fishing has started out hot this year! We have probably averaged 50-80 lbs on our halibut so far, and the other day one of our self-guided guests lost a 200 lb halibut as they tried to get it in the boat. We will keep doing updates periodically on the fishing and try to post a bunch of pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

August 13 – Sorry its been so long since we did a fishing update! It has been a busy summer. While we continued to hope our summer Coho run would pick up, it never did. There are still a few in the bay and running up Neck Outlet, but the run will soon be over. We have however begun seeing the first Coho running up 108 Creek for our fall run. Coho have also begun running on other streams on the island. Pinks have also shown up in full force in the last week. They are running heavy on 108 Creek and our guests have been having a blast catching them. Our guests have also found a few straggling Sockeye as well as Chums on various streams on the island. Although we haven’t had any barn doors brought in lately, we’ve still been catching plenty of halibut. We have also seen lots of Black Cod and some big Pacific Cod and Yelloweye brought in.

Mild Winter Means Great Deer Hunting

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This last winter on Prince of Wales Island we experienced one of the most mild winters we have ever seen, and now we are seeing one of the effects of that: an abundance of Sitka blacktail deer. A mild winter means less winter kill-off and more older age class bucks surviving than usual. This is good news for those that wish to chase these amazing animals this fall because this year’s rut hunt will see more and bigger bucks chasing the lucky ladies around the woods. Whether you’ve never hunted Sitka blacktail deer or hunted them a hundred times, this is a great opportunity to make a hunt of a lifetime even more memorable. We still have openings available for this fall’s rut hunt and would love to have you experience this with us. Give us a call at 907-957-9158 for specific dates and more information, or send us an email at eaglelodgealaska@gmail.com.

Amazingly Low Airfare Prices

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If you haven’t booked your trip or your airline tickets to our lodge, now is the time to do it! Airfare prices are currently as low as we have seen them in years for both Delta and Alaska Airlines. If you’re flying out of Salt Lake City, fares are currently as low as $300 round trip. From Boise, $250 round trip. If you’re from Seattle, you can get tickets for as low as $140 round trip. Throw in there the companion fare if you have the Alaska Airlines Signature Visa, and these are amazing deals! If you’ve been thinking about booking a trip with us, now is a great time to book both your trip and your airline tickets. We still have some great dates available for 2016, so go ahead and give us a call or shoot us an email. If you just need to book your tickets, don’t wait any longer! We do not know how long these low prices will last, so don’t wait or you might miss them. For other information on getting to our lodge, such as times to get into or out of Ketchikan, be sure to check out our How to Get Here page.

2016 Sportsmen’s Shows

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The 2016 Sportsmen’s Show season is finally upon us! We will be attending shows in Montana, Colorado, California, Washington, Utah, and Idaho this year. See the schedule below for the list of shows that we will be attending. Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates on where our booth is located at each show and other information. We would love to see you and talk about Alaska at these shows. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. Hope to see you in our travels!


Black Bear Hunting Fall 2016 or Spring 2017

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The time has come! It is now time to apply for a black bear permit if you would like to hunt with us in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. The application period runs from November 1 until December 15, 2015 at 5pm AKST. Drawing a permit is not a guarantee, so we recommend making sure you draw a permit before booking your stay with us. There will be 100 spring and 30 fall black bear permits available during this draw. Although there are less fall permits, drawing one can provide you the incredible opportunity to hunt black bears, hunt blacktail deer, and fish the fall silver run all at the same time! Similarly, a spring permit can give you the opportunity to fish for halibut during your bear hunt. You may apply individually or two hunters may apply together as a party, meaning if one draws a permit both get a permit. You can find all the application information and the online application here. Our area, Prince of Wales Island, is Hunt Unit 2. The fall black bear hunt is Hunt Number DL027 while the spring hunt is Hunt Number DL028. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you are interested in applying so that we can talk strategy!

Alaska Airlines Visa: The Secret to Affording Alaska

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When people learn how often our family members travel to Alaska, we generally get the same responses. “How can they afford to go so often?” “We’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, but we can’t afford it.” The truth is we have a secret that helps us get there. We would like to share it with you. Our secret is the Alaska Airlines credit card. Two main cards are offered: the Visa Signature and Platinum Plus.

Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus –

The Platinum Plus is Alaska Airline’s lower tier card. When you are approved for this card, you receive 5,000 bonus miles. For each dollar you spend on everyday purchases with this card, you earn one mile. Yet for every dollar you spend with Alaska Airlines on tickets, luggage, fees, and other qualifying purchases, you earn two miles. There is no cap to the miles you can earn. Then each year on your anniversary date of receiving the card, you receive a $50 discount to use within the next year on a flight. Yet with the $50 annual fee associated with the card, this isn’t much of a bonus. That’s why you want the Signature Visa card.

Alaska Airlines Signature Visa –

With the Signature Visa card, you also earn one mile for every dollar you spend on everyday purchases. Yet when you buy tickets, etc. with Alaska Airlines, you receive three miles for every dollar spent. This card also has no cap on the miles you can earn. The main reason, though, to get the Signature Visa card is for the companion fare you receive each year on your anniversary date. The companion fare is a discount that lets you buy one round-trip companion ticket for $99 plus taxes and fees (typically starting at $22) when you purchase another ticket at regular price. There are a couple things to note for using the companion fare. The two travelers must be traveling together and the tickets must be booked at the same time. You also cannot redeem miles for the regularly priced ticket when you redeem the companion fare. Also, the companion fare does not roll over to the next year if you do not use it. You only have one per year to use. This card does have an annual fee of $75. It is also worth noting that upon approval it takes three billing cycles before you can redeem your companion fare. Although there are these stipulations, the Visa Signature card and companion fare can still help you save a lot of money on airline tickets.

Alaska Airlines also has a new reward associated with their Signature Visa card. The cardholder and up to six companions can check their first bag for free on qualifying reservations. Since the fee for the first checked bag is $30, this means you could save up to $210 on baggage fees! This, though, does have a couple of stipulations as well. The Signature Visa cardholder and their companions must all be on the same reservation in order for the companions to get the discount. The primary cardholder’s Mileage Plan number must be included in the reservation at the time of check-in. The bags must also still be under the 50 pound weight limit or oversize baggage fees will apply. This reward is a nice little bonus that can help add to the savings.

When you are approved for the Alaska Airlines Signature Visa card, you earn 25,000 bonus miles. This is great because we have found when flying to Ketchikan from most areas, it typically takes about 25,000 miles to book a round-trip ticket. Think about that. When you get this card you receive enough miles to get a free round-trip ticket and a companion fare to bring a friend or family member for about $121, plus you both get a free checked bag!

The Signature Visa card is great because with the companion fare you can still save lots of money on your ticket each year, no matter how much you actually use the card. Add in your everyday spending, though, and if you spend as much on gas and groceries as we do, you can earn miles rather quickly. Plus for every mile you fly, you also earn one mile. If you fly other places as well, you can also redeem your miles on flights with Alaska Airline’s 14 partner airlines, including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Plus Alaska Airlines flies to Hawaii, so you can use your companion fare to take your significant other on a trip to Hawaii and gain their approval for those other hunting and fishing trips you want to book.

So there it is, our secret to being able to fly to Alaska at an affordable price. Everybody in our family now has an Alaska Airlines credit card, so if somebody won’t be using their companion fare that year they can pass it along to somebody else who can use it. With these and other tips, you too can travel to Alaska at an affordable price. For more information on Alaska Airline’s credit cards or to apply, click here.

Outdoor Sportsmen’s Shows Begin

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The 2015 Outdoor Sportsmen’s Shows begin this coming weekend. We will be hitting the road tomorrow to attend the International Sportsmen’s Show in Sacramento, California. The show runs from January 8th through the 11th. We will be at booth #3401. So for those of you in that part of the world, be sure and stop by and talk with us. We would love to talk “Alaska” with you. Following is the list of other shows that we will be attending:

  • International Sportsmen’s Show in Denver, Colorado on January 15-18th
  • Washington Sportsmen’s Show in Puyallup, Washington on January 21-25th
  • Central Valley Sportsmen’s Show in Bakersfield, California on February 27-March 1st
  • International Sportsmen’s Show in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 12-15th
  • Great Rockies Sport Show in Missoula, Montana on March 21st and 22nd
  • Great Rockies Sport Show in Bozeman, Montana on March 27-29th

We will be back in Alaska most of February and not attending shows during that month. We would enjoy visiting with you at one of the shows and reserving a time for you to come up to Prince of Wales for a fantastic visit with us. We still have prime dates available for 2015 as well as 2016. Hope to see you soon!


Connect with EagleLodgeAlaska.com

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We’re very excited to launch our website. We hope it provides enough information for you to see what we have to offer here on Prince of Wales Island. We love the Island and feel that it offers more to experience (year round) than anywhere else in Alaska! The fishing is fantastic, and we have zero commute time from our location to the fishing. Our beachfront property provides fantastic views, with opportunities to catch salmon and halibut literally right out the front door. Check back often or subscribe to our blog, as we’ll be posting fishing reports, tips, tactics, photos, and videos about Prince of Wales and the experiences we have here. If you’re on facebook, be sure to give us a “Like” and then come fish with us!

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Silver September

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Our long time friends over at For The Rise came up during the first week of September to fish for fall silvers in 2014. We got into a decent number of fish and had a great time on the streams with no one else around! This video: “Silver September” was produced by For the Rise and Grayback Productions and shows much of what late summer and fall on Prince of Wales has to offer!