The Lodge

Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge is located on the Prince of Wales Island road system for easy access to our lodge and to the many streams and lakes in the area. Our newly constructed lodge consists of two main buildings. One building houses our kitchen, a spacious dining room, gift shop and lounging area for guests. On a separate level of that building is our living quarters and that of our staff. The second building is just steps away and is the location of our comfortable guest rooms. Each guest room has its own private bathroom and is accessed by large decks where guests can relax and enjoy the view of the eagles soaring over the beautiful bay in front of the property. Each room has either a king bed, twin beds, or twin bunk beds to provide sleeping arrangements based on the makeup of your party. In addition, we have our original cabin just off of the shoreline which has been remodeled. With three twin bunk beds we use the cabin for bigger groups that stay with us.

Lodge and Facilities Photos.

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