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Spin casting, trolling, and fly fishing all work well for salmon in our area. We provide halibut and trolling rods and reels for our guests who select our saltwater fishing packages. As many of our guests like to use their own favorite gear, we do not provide spin casting or fly fishing items with our packages. For those that do not want to bring their own, we can provide fly fishing and spin casting rods and reels for a small fee. Lures and flies in chartreuse, pink and orange colors in combination with silver seem to work best for salmon. For Dolly Varden, spinners with red and/or red beads usually work well. We maintain a selection of lures and flies in our gift shop for purchase. May through June is good trolling for Kings in the Clarence Strait with less usually taken in July. We provide trolling rods and reels with our 21 and 24 ft boats for salmon fishing.


#4-6 spinners for Silvers-Top choices include Mepps Flying C, Blue Fox Classic Vibrax, &  Mepps Plain Aglia

#2 spinners for Dolly Varden-Good choices include Mepps, Blue Fox Tails, & Panther Martin

12lb test mono or 15lb braid for Silvers, 4-6lb test for Dolly Varden


Fly rod – 8 weight for Silvers or Steelhead, 4 weight for Dolly Varden or Trout

Fly line with some weight or weighted flies is normally best.

Fly patterns with some weight added using silver, chartreuse, pink, purple, or orange colors. Proven flies include egg-sucking leech in black & purple, Clouser minnows, egg & egg clusters.


50 to 100lb outfits and preferably braided line

6 to 10 ounces of weight at slack tide, 12 to 24 ounces when the tide is running strong

Fishing with salmon bellies and herring is most common. Jigs from 8 to 16 ounces also do well for halibut.



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