Summer Snow Pass Coho

To say our fishing is fantastic would be an understatement. Come and visit us and you will discover why so many give up fishing anywhere else in Alaska after discovering Prince of Wales Island and Whale Pass. You will be challenged to find better multi-species angling opportunities anywhere else.

Salmon – One of the things that is so appealing about Whale Pass is the incredible and unique run of summer Silver salmon in the bay and at the Neck Lake Outlet. Coho salmon begin showing up in the bay by mid-June and are numerous by July.

Normally by the time this run starts to fade the traditional silver run up 108 Creek (which also empties into the bay) has begun and continues into the fall. A strong run of Pink salmon join in the mix by late July. A fly pole or spin casting rig is all that is needed to catch a limit of salmon. Nothing compares to catching salmon on light tackle without the need for trolling with heavy gear that can detract sometimes from the thrill of reeling in a hard fighting fish.

There is also several nearby streams with superb runs of Sockeye, Chum, Pink and of course Coho. Early in the season King salmon can be taken by trolling in one of our boats. Feeder Kings can also be caught during the summer by trolling or mooching in nearby waters quickly reached by boat.

Halibut – There is excellent halibut fishing in hereby Kashevarof Passage and other areas close to Whale Pass. A short run in one of our boats will take you to any number of quality halibut holes. Being in the inside passage of Southeast Alaska means protected waters and fewer limitations due to rough water. No rolling around in ocean swells trying to keep your last meal from resurfacing like many other areas of Alaska. Even on the occasions that the weather gets rough there are options to fish in protected water.

Steelhead, Dolly Varden, and Cutthroats – There are numerous options for quality fishing for Dolly Varden, cutthroat trout and Steelhead in the many streams and lakes within easy driving distance of the lodge. Prince of Wales has both spring and fall runs of steelhead.

8800Brooklyn Crawythorne with her Salmon on a fly.
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